MOOC Learning for a Sustainable future – Free entrance

Climate change, gender equality, health, social equity, and inclusion are issues that affect us all, impacting human well-being and economic stability. How to live a sustainable life affects – and connects – us all.

On this five-week course, you’ll develop an informed personal response to these major challenges as you’re supported to take positive actions towards a sustainable future.

You’ll learn more about current global issues and consider how we can all take action, personally or locally.

The course has an additional strand for those working in formal or informal education, who want to bring some of the activities and issues covered in the course into their own teaching.

Take action

You’ll learn practical ways to explore values and empower people to examine the ways in which they could take local action on global-scale problems.

Working in this way, starting from where you are within your own context, and sharing this with others throughout the course helps us all to develop a new and collective way of thinking for a sustainable future.

Discover how to work towards a sustainable future

You’ll build your understanding of and knowledge of sustainability and the global challenges that we face and experience within our lives, as you learn from experts at the University of Edinburgh, Learning for Sustainability Scotland and other participants on the course.

By the end of the course, you’ll be more confident and ready to take steps towards a sustainable future.