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Welcome to the Sustainable Futures for Enterprise Centers Open Education Resources

The greatest potential for impact lies in your ability to influence those around you

We all have a role to play in a transition towards a more Sustainable Economy, no matter how large or small our individual impact may be.  SME’s represent 99% of all businesses in the EU and account for more than half of Europe’s GDP.  The impact each of us can have is multiplied when we bring those around us along on the journey.

The Sustainable Futures for Enterprise Centres Climate-Action Business Curriculum has been designed specifically for small businesses in Europe’s enterprise centre network.  The resources meet SME’s where they are and inspire them to take action immediately with easy to implement changes.

Our Open Education Resources consist of 6 modules and a facilitator Guide

Module 1: Introduction to Sustainable Business

Laying down the framework for the rest of the course, this module introduces Business Sustainability and setting the theoretical background for SME’s to get started on their journey

Module 2: Sustainable Strategy

To successfully implement change decisions need to be made.  In the second module we focus on setting your priorities and planning for the future by creating your first sustainability strategy

Module 3: Fostering a Sustainable Office Attitude

Module 3 looks at implementing changes to your company culture and small steps that you can implement in the office that will help reduce your impact on the environment and increase your chances of success.

Module 4: Sustainable Procurement and Supply Chains

The majority of Businesses carbon footprint comes from indirect emissions.  In this module we discuss the importance of sustainable procurement and how a business may get started on their first sustainable procurement strategy

Module 5: Greening Your Product or Service

In this module we discuss sustainable business models and give some tips on how businesses can start to develop greener options for their target market through engaging with topics like the circular economy

Module 6: Building relations and Collaborating for Success

Transitioning to a more sustainable business model requires high levels of innovation and dedication, particularly for small businesses with limited resources.  In this module we look at how we can utilise collaboration to overcome some of the barriers to creating a more sustainable system

Trainers Guide

The trainers guide is used as a supplementary to the modules and has been specifically designed for  Business Advisors, Mentors and Educators to deliver the Climate-action Business Curriculum to SME’s from Enterprise Centre’s.

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